2014 Edition


Iași, Romania, 23-24 May 2014



The present book of proceedings reunites the papers presented and discussed within the sections of the conference Perspectives in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Hinting at Interdisciplinarity (1st edition, 23-24 May 2014).
The coordinators of this volume express their gratitude to Philologica Jassyensia Review and its excellent editing board for their welcoming attitude toward the interdisciplinary turn of the studies selected here.



The Romanian Academy, “A. Philippide” Institute of Romanian Philology

Faculty of Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi

Faculty of Letters, “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi

“Alumni” Association – “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” University of Iaşi


1.       Romanian Studies Philology, Linguistics, History, Philosophy,

Sociology, Theology

2.       Comparative Literature Philology, Literary History
3.       Language & Discourse Philology, History, Philosophy,

Communication Sciences,

Computational Linguistics, Political Sciences

4.       Teaching & Learning Didactics, Pedagogy, Psychology, Social Sciences
5.       Communication & Public Relations Communication, Philosophy, Sociology, Psychology


The focus domains are chosen according to the main directions and contemporary challenges in the field of humanities and social sciences. Nevertheless, they are not mandatory; we assume that, following the submissions, the areas aforementioned will be drawn more accurately.

Our target is to crossbreed various types of academic discourse-staging, namely, frontal presentations, workshops, roundtables, and small-group discussions. The conference addresses the following categories of researchers: junior researchers, middle-career researchers, senior researchers, as well as academic project managers. We also welcome students who are beginning to pursue their MA or PhD degrees to participate; their research projects can be discussed within larger discussion groups and roundtables.

Within the broader frame of interdisciplinary approaches, our aim is to create a larger platform for academic debates and information exchange. Our initiative is to facilitate academic networking for young research teams and to encourage cross-institutional collaboration. While communicating the results of their individual inquiries, our guests will be able to find virtual partners for future projects.

The conference languages are the following: Romanian, English, and French.









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